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About Silvano E. Corneo's works

The many years long study feeding the Silvano Corneo's works, explored many different themes.
Most of them lasted so long time that it is possible to see them as "artistic periods", even if they didn't stand in a real temporal location.
Great evidence had the female portrait , almost at back side with her face and her neck under view.
The pale complexion, the, very often, clear vest on a dark stage and her engrossed mould seem to lead into a far world, some wide thoughts, perhaps as homesick dreams.
The still life pictures most for books and volumes , witnesses of a past time and a respecful homage to the culture.
The landscapes when of natural subjects bring to a post impressionist view, while tell the town life anguish when show the modern traffic cars.
Original and personal theme are the climbs . The rice to the success, to the ephemeral and empty vertex to which our frenetic climb to the life leads, convicts this multitude, like the damneds by Signorelli in the Orvieto Dome, to a silent leap, to an asexual and vegetal life, really opposite to their naked bodies.

Silvano Corneo's works remarks for a real skill to draw our daily foreshortenings, for a ancient paint full of elegance and grace, for its pure subjects and his mature colours dosing

Premio Mondadori

Premio Mondadori

Finalist at Premio Arte in 1994 and 2000, in the homonymous volume edited by Giorgio Mondadori in 1994 is written the following note:


Works catalogue

A catalogue is available and it will be sent by mail to whom asks it by email.
On the catalogue there is this comment:

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